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crane logo“Friends of the Cache River Watershed” is a not-for-profit natural resource conservation organization.


Our Mission: To promote the conservation and restoration of renewable natural resources throughout the Cache River Watershed in southern Illinois.

The not-for-profit organization is a local citizen group with objectives to assist private, state, and federal natural resource conservation agencies and interests with watershed planning, administer grants, provide volunteer assistance, to broaden political and public support through outreach and to promote sound programs and practices that will advance the wise use, protection and restoration of renewable natural resources.

A major focus will be funding to enable the implementation of those remedial resource management practices that are highlighted in the Watershed Resource Management Plan. Environmental education will be promoted throughout the watershed. Citizen involvement and participation in conservation projects on public and private lands will be encouraged.

Michael Wolff Memorial Wetland

Michael Wolff Memorial Wetland. Photo: T. Treacy


  • Restored 5,700 forest acres, 12,265 wetland acres and 31 miles of stream bank in the watershed.
  • Constructed visitor facilities, such as the Hickory Bottom Outdoor Classroom and a wildlife viewing platform at the Bellrose Waterfowl Reserve.
  • Implemented water quality and sediment monitoring projects.
  • Provided support for wetland restoration, construction of riffle weirs and bank stabilization projects.
  • Provided support for restoration of Marshall Ridge/Michael Wolff wetlands and observation area.
  • Assisted with staffing the Cache River Wetlands Center, including assisting with special events and programs.
  • Provided support for research on the neotropical migratory birds in the Cache.

Friends of the Cache River Watershed

Board of Directors

Dr. Michael Jeffords, Chair
Cell: 217-352-1524
 Jodie Delaney, Vice Chair
Cell: 618-925-1367
Jean Hinkle
Cell:  618-827-3618
 Tony Gerard
Cell:  618-771-6636
Ofc:  618-759-2517
Monte Russell
Hm: 618-748-9185
Cell: 618-967-9185
Terry Wachter
Cell:  618-889-5658
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