Resource Management Plan

The Cache River Watershed in southern Illinois has a number of natural resource related problems that threaten both the economy and the environment. They include soil erosion, sedimentation, wetland loss, over harvest of forests and neglect of timber lands, loss of wildlife habitat, and impairment of water quality. Remediation of these problems has received considerable attention during the past 25 years and notable progress has been made. Federal, state and private conservation agencies and organizations as well as concerned individuals are working together to develop solutions for restoration and protection of watershed resources and for promotion of a sound economy.

Links to pdf files of the Management Plan.


Management Plan pgs 1-18

Eight Resource Concerns pgs 19 – 102:

1. Erosion

2. Open Dumping

3. Private Property Rights

4. Surface and Ground Water Quality

5. Continuing Government Conservation Programs

6. Post Creek Cutoff

7. Maintain Open Flow on Cache

8. Dissemination of Accurate and Timely Information

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